Collection of Stories

Having been leading the professional continuing education sector for six decades, HKU SPACE has marched into her 60th Anniversary. We are delighted to share with you the stories at HKU SPACE from Mr Lam Chiu Ying and our alumni.
Do you have anything fascinating or moving you wish to share with us? Let us know by email at or fax at 2527 3155. We can’t wait to hear your amusing stories!
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Precious Story
Ms Angela Yeung
During my service at HKU SPACE over a decade, one of our Open House events held in June 2012 was the most memorable for me. I was assigned by our College Head as a one of the members of the work group to organise and promote our Open House event that year. Working together with my colleagues from our College and the Office of Institutional Advancement. We invited Prof Poon Chung-kwong, GBS, PhD, DSc, JP, the former President of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, to deliver a keynote talk about Heart Sutra and Modern Management (心經與現代管理). Prof Poon shared his insights into the relationship between Heart Sutra and Modern Management as well as the application of Heart Sutra's empty view in this area. This keynote tal provoked an overwhelming response for bookings and after only a few days the online reservations were full. It was extremely popular, inspiring and useful and we received very positive feedback from our participants. The success was founded on the strong commitment and team spirit of our colleagues.
Mr Chu Chung Yin Billy
我在事業上的步伐比人早,但學業上的步伐比人來得遲,直至遇上了HKU SPACE……
十年前,我由深造証書讀起,一直至文憑、碩士課程都和HKU SPACE所舉辦或合辦的課程有關。後來我不斷進修研究,最終,在另一所大學完成我的工商管理博士學位。
Mr Lam Chiu Ying
The image is a bird sketch I drew in class when attending the course "Birds of Hong Kong"
Eventually, I became a keen bird-watcher, turned bird-watching into a popular hobby in Hong Kong, translated the book "Birds of Hong Kong and South China" into Chinese (1994), and became the chairman of Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (1997), all thanks to the course I attended and Mr Michael Webster who taught the course. I taught a bird-watching course at HKU SPACE in the early 2000's, as a gesture to pay back my debt to HKU SPACE.
Ms Mary Tsang
香港大學,對一般中學生來說,是渴望入讀的學府,因為那兒孕育了不少傑出的人才。然而,我希望入讀港大的原因卻很簡單,哥哥曾在那兒讀書。到了中七選科的時 候,才發現自己希望修讀的科目並非港大的主流學科。原以為與港大無緣,豈知多年後因為工作關係,參加了一個由HKU SPACE主辦的講座,在席上喜見講者與聽眾打成一片,後來得悉大部分聽眾都是HKU SPACE課程的老師與畢業生,大家藉着講座見面交流,分享心得和人生經驗,實在難能可貴。我想,這就是緣分,藉着HKU SPACE讓我有機會與港大連繫起來,重拾昔日校園彼此分享交流的歡樂,一了多年希望與港大結緣的心願。
Mr Cheng Ka Kit
Dr. Dennis Wong, is the senior lecturer at HKU SPACE teaching above-mentioned program. He is very nice and talkative teacher. He does not only illustrate life examples to explain the working environment and practice, but also join our different gathering and social events. In the year of graduation, I could not get any degrees at UGC-funded universities in HK but a self-financed institute. At that time, I was very frustrated and hopeless. With this mood, I found Dennis. After having lunch with him, we were walking around the pier. He actually told me this was a precious opportunity for me to study in this institute and many students could not be able to study in it. He also emphasized I should catch this opportunity. Given the confidence from Dennis, I decided to accept the offer from this institute. Thanks to Dennis, I could learn a lot of advanced knowledge and skills from this institute. After the graduation from this institute, now I can apply my professional knowledge and skills from this institute. After the graduation from this institute, now I can apply my professional knowledge and skill in my workplace eventually. At the end, I would like to thanks for Dennis' guiding.
Mr Yu Kwong Yiu Wilson
還 記得遠在九十年代,本人已經是恒生銀行總行文員,當時滿懷熱誠,在總行八樓面對維港(國外同業部),營營役役的投入工作,下班後趕到皇后大道中麥當勞快餐店買外賣再前往HKU校外進修統計課程,希望學有所成。配合深水埗讀夜校的預科課程,一星期七天裡需返五天夜校,最終完成入大學的景願。