Life Member SPRING FEST NEW PRIVILEGES WITH OVER $3,000 CASH DISCOUNT Learn to Live, Life to Learn. Work-life balance is a key to joyful and peaceful living. HKU SPACE Alumni (the Alumni)is dedicated to extend lifelong learning opportunities and improve alumni's quality of life.
Travel Golden Promise Travel Privileges •	Less $300/head on World Cruise sailing *Terms and Conditions apply Dining Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill Privilege •	10% dining discount at Cityplaza store *Terms and Conditions apply
Health Clearbridge Medical Group – Health Screening Privileges •	Up to 38%off on the selected health check plan *Terms and Conditions apply Lifestyle at.home Furniture and Home Accessories Privileges•	15% off upon purchase of $5,000 or above
•	20% off upon purchase of $10,000 or above
Newly joined Alumni Life Members will receive a Multi-purpose Eco Felt Pouch as a token of our appreciation.
We hope you will enjoy the above exclusive privileges with your families from April to June 2019. Please present your Life Membership Card or quote your card number to enjoy the privileges and consult individual merchant for enquiries. Kindly leave us your suggestions about privileges, we shall try to prepare more privileges that meet your needs and enhance your work-life balance.
If you are not our Life Member at the moment, please enjoy Privileges for HKU SPACE Alumni Ordinary Members. Or you are most encouraged to join as a Life Member, who enjoys a variety of exclusive offers and prioritized enrolment to ALUMNI activities.
For details, please refer to our website