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Looking for your ideal job?
The MBTI Test, and
AI-powered tools
can help make you an outstanding candidate in CV screening and interviews.

Finding a good job is never easy. Finding a good job that fits you perfectly is even harder. But as the movie star Julie Andrews once said, "Sometimes opportunities float right past your nose. Work hard, apply yourself, and be ready. When an opportunity comes you can grab it.”
But what do you need to do to “be ready” for that big opportunity when it arrives? Here are some tips.

1. Figure out your true career goals by taking an MBTI Test

If you are unsure about what to pursue in terms of your career, or seem stuck on your current career path, then take the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Test, commonly referred to as the - MBTI - 16 Personalities Test. This can give you insights into your true personality and what kind of jobs and career might suit you best.

You can also access other personality tests in Career SPACE that can help you to understand yourself better in terms of your personality style, preferences and values.

2. Is your CV good enough to engage HR in 30 seconds?

Research shows that corporate recruiters often spend less than 30 seconds going through a CV to determine whether the applicant is a good fit for the position. The key to writing a great CV is not just knowing what to include, but how to include it. Use the Action Words Generator to bring energy and professionalism to your CV and keep recruiters reading it.

Once you’ve built your CV, go to CV360 and view your score. This scores your CV against more than 50 checks, including content, layout, grammar and spelling. You can get instant, detailed feedback so you can optimise your CV and significantly boost your chances of getting shortlisted.

3. Keep failing interviews?
This AI-powered tool will tell you why

The only way to maximise your interview performance is to practice. Interview 360 is an AI-powered interview training tool, that includes a large and comprehensive library of the most commonly asked interview questions along with key points to help you answer every one of them. You can also browse, tailor-made the mock interview questions according to your occupation.

AI analyses and scores your interview performance based on facial expressions, eye contact, body language, pace and time management etc. You may take the feedback and advice as a guide and review your performance to help build up your confidence and improve your interview technique.

It’s normal to feel a certain degree of nerves before and during a job interview. Look at these 5 tips to calm your interview nerves so that you can be at your best on the day.

4. 6 hiring channels you should already be using

If you are actively looking for a job, you should strongly consider using the Job Search Engine to find and apply to as many relevant opportunities as possible. It aggregates millions of job openings in Hong Kong and over 50 countries. Its advanced job search tools target the job opportunities that are suitable for you. You can set your preferences and opt in to receive job alerts and notifications of new job listings that match your interests. You can also review your browsing history and your saved vacancies any time and keep track of your job application status.

It’s never a bad idea to expand your search across as many channels as possible. So, make sure you’re looking in these 5 different ways to find jobs apart from job boards. You never know where your next opportunity will come from.

5. The key to integrating successfully into your new job

A new job is a great opportunity to start afresh. But first impressions will have a lasting effect on your new co-workers. Having a plan before you start, displaying a positive attitude from Day 1 and setting achievable short-term career goals will help you integrate into your new role faster, create a positive reputation and stay passionate about your work.

If you have friends who aren’t students or alumni of HKU SPACE, but would like to explore the useful content in Career SPACE, click here to get a 6-month access Career SPACE account* for them, they’ll be thrilled!

Career SPACE truly believes that with persistence and the right approach, all our readers and every job-hunter can get their dream jobs and take a big step to reaching their career goals!

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