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Are you craving a smooth job-hunting journey? Here are 6 key points to get you on the right path!

Did you see that movie recently about the guy repeating his life over and over again, day after day? It turned out he was actually an NPC – a Non-Player Character – in a video game just repeating his life endlessly on a loop ... poor guy. It was just a movie, of course, but do you ever feel a bit like him? Do you ever wish you could break free from the same old routine day after day? Well, unlike the guy in the movie, you can. And Career SPACE can show you how. Here are a few points to get you started.

Point 1: Think about your abilities before making any big career changes

Learn how to make the right decision before you actually make them! Ask these four questions to yourself to discover your abilities and strengths, how others see you, and what kinds of experiences you want in your life. See what you discover about yourself, and you can start gearing up for something new.

Point 2: Do our own career planning

A complete plan is essential as a reference for picturing your career path. So, check out how to plan your career before you do anything. Think about enhancing your existing skills, accepting and improving your weaknesses, and learning from your mentors. That way, you can open your eyes and think more deeply about the career path that’s right for you.

Point 3: Consider further studies

Working experience is always a plus, but there may be some positions that are perfect for you, but which require higher education levels than you currently have. Read these 4 considerations for further study review your financial status, study options and the time you have available, and you’ll soon figure out your further study needs and your ability to follow through.

Point 4: Gain experience in creative ways

Whether you would like to enhance your education background or not, experience is also key. But what kind of experience? Try exploring these 5 creative ways to gain experience in your field. Your skills, personalities and patience can totally be reflected in these experiences, and they can often shorten the journey to changing your job, or even your entire career.

Point 5: Explore the possibility of self-employment

Perhaps you would love to have more flexibility in terms of working hours. If so, then maybe self-employment is the path for you. Take a look at analyse the pros and cons of self-employment and see if you would really enjoy it and whether you can bear the risks. If you find out that self-employment is a good fit for you, then by all means go ahead and start an exciting and challenging new career.

Point 6: Establish a start-up if that is your thing

People who don’t want to work for others their whole lives, are often full of ideas and see all kinds of opportunities ahead. If that sounds like you, then read get a deep understanding of the good and bad sides of entrepreneurship and do a test for potential bosses. With a complete understanding, you can start writing an actual proposal.

No one shares the same goal as others, instead of setting ‘zillionaire’, an almost impossible challenge, as your life goal, why don’t we set a realistic and feasible target! Career SPACE truly believes that everyone can stand out in their fields, act now and start your career planning!

Getting your salary at the end of each month may not be the only thing you long for in life. So how about investing? Could that be a better path for you? In the middle of August, Dr Kenny Tang shared some important insights on today’s monetary environment and looked at changes in policies and valuation adjustments in the financial technology market. Click here to listen to Dr Kenny Tang’s talk.

If you have friends who aren’t students or alumni of HKU SPACE, but would like to explore the useful content in Career SPACE, click here to get a 6-month access Career SPACE account* for them, they’ll be thrilled!

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