Issue Jan 2021 - HKU SPACE Alumni eNews

News & Events

Message from President
Career SPACE Online Talk Series: Unlock yourself to be a Young Leader
Summer School 2021
[Event Recap] HKU SPACE Gem & Jewellery Alumni Association: Jewellery Design and Branding Seminar and Competition Briefing Session
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Alumni Privileges

Dior Beauty Online Shop Offer
MediFast Health Check Centre: Special Discounts
Life Membership Campaign - Spring Fest
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Career SPACE

You just got promoted. And now you have so many what-ifs and how-tos in your mind? It’s OK. Don’t panic.
Latest News: The highest paying jobs in Hong Kong for 2021
Latest News: 6 performance and career progression secrets they don’t teach you at school
Start your journey of motivation here
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