Message from President



2021 is a brand-new year full of hopes and dreams. On behalf of the Alumni Council, I would like to wish our alumni and their families a healthy, fruitful and prosperous year of the Ox.


2020 was a remarkably difficult year for us all . The world has changed in ways that none of us could have imagined. But we managed struggle through and conquer the pain. Now with the recent advances in testing and vaccines around the world, our dreams of saying goodbye to the pandemic will hopefully soon come true. The restricted communications between nations can then be resumed and we can live a more contented life under the new normal.


Because of the restrictions on large gatherings many of our activities scheduled for 2020 had to be cancelled or postponed. Yet, the ALUMNI continues striving to find alternatives to carry out our initiatives and connect as much as possible to stay united with our alumni and support the School in building a strong lifelong learning community.


We will organise a diverse range of activities including self-enrichment programmes and career advancement and leisure events not only for long-standing alumni, but also to assist fresh graduates to accelerate their careers and expand their social networks with us.


Finally, we on the Alumni Council appeal to you all help to re-connect and re-engage with our long-lost alumni whom we hope to bring back to our network. At present, the ALUMNI has over 339,000 members, but over 3 million students have registered with us over the past 64 years, so clearly there is much scope for growth in our membership. Let us unite together and build an even stronger and active alumni family to help the School and the Hong Kong community. 




Mr Anthony Kwok-chong