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Become a more valuable employee with key workplace skills


The New Year is a time when many people reflect upon their jobs and careers and decide to make a change.

Creating a career plan can be a great way to help you to achieve your new goal. But before you make a move, here are some tips to help you get going on the path to becoming an incredibly valuable employee.

1. Know yourself through self-reflection

Self-reflection is a vital part of building a successful career. Reflecting on your career over the past year will help you recognise your weaknesses (and your strengths too!) and improve your performance.

You could also take these four steps to help develop your career plan. A well thought-out career plan will help you to determine your skills and interests, find out what career best suits your talents, and what skills and training you need for your chosen career.

Keep reflecting over time and you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of yourself that will help you to carve out a career path that’s right for you.

2. Find out where you can expand your skills

Having a clear picture of your skills can help you identify what you’re good at and clarify what you want to do. This, in turn, will help you develop your career. Here’re 5 ways to uncover your full skillset. You can also look back at your past work experience, consider your wider interests and activities and get 360 feedbacks through people that you know or work with.

Knowing exactly what skills you have is incredibly important for your confidence, career development and your ability to sell yourself to others. It will also allow you to create a skills list for future reference.

3. Develop transferrable skills to give yourself greater value

Transferable skills are abilities and skills that can be applied in many different jobs and career paths. They provide a range of benefits that can help you to succeed in your career and adapt to changing markets in the future.

Thinking flexibly helps you learn more quickly, solve problems more effectively, be more adaptable and be able to go with the flow regardless of how challenging the situation may be.

You can develop your cognitive flexibility and use these 7 quick tips to develop your resourcefulness. This will give both your personal and professional life a big boost.

To think critically about something you need to look at it from different perspectives. This skill can help you to make decisions more effectively, solve problems or potentially come up with new ideas. Try taking this critical thinking test now to learn your strengths!

You may also find these 6 ways to upskill yourself useful in advancing your career.

4. Think positively to advance your career

The Future of Jobs Report suggested that positive thinking and emotional management skills will be the key workplace skills needed by 2025. You can start working on your emotional intelligence (EI) right now. EI underlies many of the key skills you need to successfully develop your career.

Create daily habits to improve positive thinking and work on building a stress-resistant personality. This will help you to improve your own ability to look for opportunities when faced with challenges.

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