Presidium of Alumni 10th Anniversary

The composition of the Presidium of Alumni 10th Anniversary is as follows:

Current and Past Council Members:

1. Mr. Aaron Hui 10. Ms. Esther Wong 19. Mr. Paul Leung
2. Dr. Ambrose So 11. Mr. James Yeung 20. Mr. Raymond Yim
3. Mr. Andrew Wong  12. Mr. Kan Fook Yee 21. Mr. Robert Chan
4. Mr. Anthony Kwok 13. Mr. Kee Chi Hing 22. Dr. S.M. Shen
5. Prof. C.F. Lee 14. Mr. Lam Chiu Ying 23. Dr. Samson Chan
6. Ms. Choi Suk Kuen 15. Mrs. Lam Lau Siu Shan 24. Prof. Stephen Ho
7. Dr. Darwin Chen 16. Dr. Lee G. Lam

25. Dr. Tse Tak Fu

8. Dr. Dorothy Chan 17. Mr. Ng Kwok Chi 26. Mr. William Au
9. Prof. Enoch Young 18. Ms. Ody A. Lai 27. Mr. Yeung Ka Sing

SAG Presidents:

1. Mr. Noel Lo, Gem & Jewellery Alumni Association
2. Mr. Ivan Chan, HKU SPACE Public Relations and Corporate Communication Alumni Chapter
3. Mr. Liu Riuqi, HKU SPACE Shanghai Alumni Association
4. Mr. Tang Ching Kong Sunny, Hong Kong Students & Alumni Association of The Tsinghua University School of Law

5. Mr. Wong Shing Wai, The Society of Putonghua Students of SPACE, HKU

6. Ms. Rebecca Chan, The University of London MBA Alumni Association (HK)
7. Ms. Wong Hei Yu, HKU SPACE Community College Alumni Association