Support from the School

  1. Close Linkage and good publicity channel
    1. Website and contact of your group can be linked to the web page "Subject Alumni Groups" of HKU SPACE Alumni Website; while latest news/ events of your group can be promoted by e-Banner on home page of the Website[Note: Please click here for notes and application form of posting e-Banner on Alumni Website]
    2. Registered Alumni members receive periodical electronic newsletter and alumni information from the School.
    3. Alumni are invited to join School functions, and vice versa.
    4. Subject Alumni Groups can join regular gatherings organized by the School to explore opportunities for collaboration with other groups and the School.
  2. Using HKU SPACE venues
    HKU SPACE Subject Alumni Groups can apply for the use of HKU SPACE venues for alumni activities.  Booking request will be considered if the activity satisfies both of the following requirements:
    1. It must be alumni-related; and
    2. It does not conflict with the interest of HKU SPACE.

    Please click here for details of Room Booking Guidelines.